isofrane watch strap history

ISOfrane History

When the makers of some of the most iconic dive watches of the 60’s and 70’s needed a rubber strap they chose ISOfrane!

Sometimes the simplest design is the most advanced

When the ISOfrane dive strap debuted, it quite literally changed the shape of diving - or at least the shape of dive straps! Before, the ISOfrane dive straps were usually made from rubber. They were sticky, uncomfortable and would often blister and crack in extreme conditions. These straps were even harder on the divers wearing them. Without ventilation, the skin doesn’t breath. The ISOfrane strap changed all of that.
The ISOfrane strap was the result of a more humane design. ISOfrane straps were manufactured from isoprene.


The original ISOfrane straps were manufactured using a compound called isoprene. And just what is isoprene? Isoprene is a colorless, liquid hydrocarbon that is obtained in the processing of petroleum and/or coal tar and is used as a raw, chemical material. Isoprene was far more durable, and maintained its looks.
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